One-day trip of Chizhou

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On Aug. 20th, 2011, all our Shinde employees went to Chizhou, a port city, which is lying along the south of the Yangtze River and enjoyed a quite pleasant trip.


We gathered at factory and set out very early in the morning. The first place we reached was Guniujiang, where the forest area coverage reaches 97%. We breathed the fresh air and walked along the mountain road, along with grotesque rocks, cliffs and pouring down waterfall. Everyone enjoyed themselves and immersed in the beauty of nature.

Nearly at noon we arrived at Penglai Cave, known as “natural air conditioner”. The cave was more than 3000 meters long. Because of the vertical dissolution of the underground water, the cave formed four-layer structure from top to bottom. The rocks dissolved by water, some like landscape paintings, some like flawless gauze, some like crystal silk and etc.



In the afternoon we got to Qiupu River where the famous poet Li Bai was once exiled. There were lots of big willows on both sides. We took drifting boats and played in the water. Although wet,  we were still happy. Finally this wonderful journey ended in our laughters.




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