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Chinaplas 2014 has been successfully completed on April 26th in Shanghai, setting a number of new records. This Asia’s largest plastics and rubber fair attracts 130370 visitors during the 4-day show, up 14.26% as compared with last year in Guangzhou, total exhibition area over 220000 sqm for this year.


As the concept of low carbon and environmental protection being deeply rooted among people, the fairground houses 3200 sets of machinery featuring energy saving, high performance and automation. In terms of chemicals and raw materials, high heat-stabilized material, long-fiber reinforced composites, building insulation materials, bio-degradable plastics and high-performance bio-plastics have become the new trend.


To promote sustainability within the plastics and rubber industries, the show sets the theme as “Greenovation- Solution to Sustainability” and features two events, namely “The City of Tomorrow” and “Green Conference” in echoing to the theme.


All in all, this fair gave us a good chance to communicate with customers and enchanced mutual trust and relationships.




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