Chinaplas 2015

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Over the years, CHINAPLAS 2015 has grown along with China's dynamic industrial performance that now Chinaplas has ascended to become Asia’s top plastics and rubber trade fair. Many reasons make Chinaplas an event not to miss each year. It is a place where visitors can gain insights on the market’s present and future trends and witness the newest technologies of the year. This year, Chinaplas will spotlight several areas that the market is much-needed such as industrial automation, new manufacturing technologies and a board range of materials with special functionality. 


Currently, the automation level of manufacturing in many Chinese firms is still low. Cutting edge automation technology that can provide more stable work force and proven production efficiency caught the attention of many Chinese enterprises, as well as companies around the world. In this light, the exhibition has set up a new zone – Industrial Automation Zone - designed to showcase the latest robotics and automated solutions from global leading companies.


Plastics mold is also one of the important branches from automated machinery. Hot runner system is now in fame because it has many advantages over the traditional cold runner molds, such as shorter molding cycle, less raw materials and energy consumption, higher efficiency and fewer subsequent processes. The booming automotive industry in China also pushes up the demand on high-end molds and molding tools.


Our Shinde, as a manufacturer of eco-friendly flame retardants, we will show our new-developed red phosphorus master batch. Sincerely welcome you to our booth at 10.3A35.




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