BASF and STAC develop new window profile based on Ultramid long glass fiber reinforced PA

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BASF and Spanish hardware and accessories manufacturers STAC have jointly developed a new window system based on BASF’s new Ultramid LFX long glass fiber reinforced polyamide(PA).


By using long glass fibers, the window profile not only features superior mechanics, but also appreciably upgrading the window’s overall insulation performance, according to BASF.


“The application fully exploits the attributes of Ultramid LFX: excellent stability at all application temperatures, high toughness and fatigue strength, and good thermal separation,” stated Joaquim Perez Vidal, Key Account Manager Sales Western Europe, BASF.


Being able to replace metal in the window frame is a major advantage of the new product. “The smooth and silent performance of the new part is highly satisfactory. Thermal weak points in window design can thus be reduced further, and this has a noticeable effect on interior comfort,” explained Javier Fernandez Cobian, Technical Director at STAC.

Ultramid satisfies high mechanical requirements while being corrosion-free and extra-light. Thanks to its smooth surface quality, the window is easier to open and close.


Such performance is achieved with additional coating, making the window profile even more eco-friendly. Its lighter weight also reduces energy consumed during transport.




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