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Red Phosphorus Flame Retardant
FR is a series of halogen-free flame retardant master batch containing red phosphorus and polymer resin, for applications in engineering thermoplastics, such as PA, PBT and PPO etc, as well as for improving the oxygen index of polyolefin.
MCA--Melamine Cyanurate
Melamine cyanurate is an effective non-halogen nitrogen flame retardant, provided in white powder or granule. It’s primarily used in PA or TPU for electrical & electronic applications, including connector, switches, housings and so on. In unfilled or mineral filled compounds it gives a UL94 V0, and in glass fiber filled system a UL94 V2 would be possible.
Silicone Additive for Plastics
Silicone additives for plastics, usually powder and pellets, are made of ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane, and widely used as surface enhancements and processing aid for plastics. With the benefits of easy handling, good dispersion and non-migration, silicone additives could improve plastic properties often more efficiently and effectively.